Handling of personal information

FREEPLUS Inc. Privacy Policy

FREEPLUS Inc. (FREEPLUS) have philosophy “to present memories that will last a life time” and trying to accomplish it through inbound tourism to Japan and SEO business. Under the philosophy, we consider that protect private information of our client is not only our fundamental task but also social duty. We declare to act and keep this privacy policy with determine this privacy policy as code of conduct employees like to be complied in order to treat strictly.


Acquisition of personal information
We announce about purpose of use, provide, whether or not commissioned and way of inquiry in detail as much as possible in advance. Also, acquired personal information will only be used within the purpose and it take measures for no use out of the purpose.


Handling of personal information Acquired personal information will be used for its purpose and service provision or interact with client against client’s requirement and authentication. In addition, we strictly comply Personal Information Protection Act and related laws, Obligations stipulated in the guidelines of the competent minister and this protection policy.


Provision of personal information
Acquired personal information will not be provided to third party without client’s consent. However, there may be case to deposit information to subcontractors as impose obligation of safety management or similar action.


Handling of personal information deposited
Personal information kept from the consignor is to be managed strictly and used within the contract and this privacy policy.


Confidentiality and accuracy of personal information
FREEPLUS will keep personal information up-to-date and accurate. Also, take measure to prevent and correct unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification or leakage.


Disclosure and correction of personal information
In case client request to confirm, correct or other act about his/her personal information, we respond based on the laws and regulations. We face the complaint quickly ad appropriately and make effort to develop in-house system.


Response to consultation and complaints
In case of complaint or consultation regarding personal information FREEPLUS handle, we will respond quickly and appropriately.


Changes to personal information protection management system include protection policy
For the protection and appropriate use of personal information, we build personal information protect management system review regularly in order to perform continuous improvement.

Enactment : July 1st, 2007
Revision : November 22nd, 2013
FREEPLUS Inc. CEO : Hisato Ono

Articles related to personal information disclosure

Purpose of use of personal information (In case of acquisition in document directly)

We, FREEPLUS announce that personal information is to be utilized for the following purpose of use based on Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Personal Information Protection Law) Article 18, Paragraph 1 and JIS Q 15001:2006.

(Customer Information)

1. Provision and suggestion regarding our products and services
2. Sales of our products and services and subordinated business affair
3. Requesting survey and questionnaires about our products and services
4. Customer support, maintenance of the products
5. Fulfillment of contract with customers and business partners
6. Contact to and inquiry from customer and business partner
7. Contact to and inquiry from shareholders
8. Development of our products
9. Perform consignment business(system development, design production and maintenance service)

(Guide Information)

1. Contact from FREEPLUS
2. Provide to the hotel, bus, restaurant and another arrangement
3. Provide to local travel agencies
4. Accounting Operation

(Employee Information)

1. Human resources management
2. Duties relating to adoption
3. Wage administration
4. Health management
5. Welfare work
6. Security management
7. Business management

(Applicant information)

1. Selection of adoption
2. Contact to entrants

Furthermore, in case that necessity of use client’s personal information beyond the purpose of use revealed and announced in advance occur, we contact client and utilize with consent.

Purpose of use of personal information (In case acquisition in another way)

(Information of tourist to Japan)

1. Provision of hotel, bus, restaurant and guide
2. Duty to apply visa

(Information of person in charge of hotel, bus, restaurant)

1. Reservation and inquiry

(Information published online)

1. Inquiry

Provision of personal information

We, FREEPLUS will not disclose or provide client’s personal information to third party except following case

1. In case of client’s consent
2. In case based on the laws and regulations
3. In case it is necessary to protect one’s life, body or property and also difficult to take consent of the client
4. In case we consign personal information in order to accomplish purpose of use
5. In case business to be succeeded by merger, demerger, transfer of business or another reason.

Disclosure of personal information

If we, FREEPLUS were asked to disclosure, correction, delete or suspend use of registered information, we respect the rights of the client and get back to client in reasonable period and range after confirming his/her identification. Depending on the contents of the offer, there is a case we ask to submit prescribed application form. Furthermore, depending on information disclosure, we ask to pay prescribed fee. Please contact the personal information helpline for your request.

Inquiry about business name and personal information

If you have any inquiry about client’s your own personal information or general question about privacy policy, please contact our personal information helpline.